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Apostle Corwin R. Hammond, Sr, Pastor

Spiritual leader, teacher, prophet, and visionary Apostle Corwin R. Hammond, Sr. has been a ministry trailblazer in Williamsburg, Virginia for over 15 years. As directed by the Holy Spirit, Apostle Hammond along with the CBC team work tirelessly ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout James City County, the region, and the world. Breaking away from the traditional concepts of church, Apostle Hammond has envisioned a vibrant, relevant, life changing ministry intended to elevate the experience of the Christian seeking a manifestation of the joy, peace, and love promised by our Heavenly Father. Acutely aware of the times, Pastor Hammond often states, "The Lord called me to reach His children with a simple, relevant, life changing message; living a Kingdom life for Christ should not be that complicated."

21 Day Fast Devotional

The 21 Day Fast Devotional has proven to be an invaluable asset during times of seeking the mind, wisdom, & presence of God while fasting. The Booklet gives prepatory tools; as well as a daily devotional to guide you into a place of worship as you learn to value of fasting. each day you get a theme, bible lesson, point of meditation, and a song of dedication. 

Positioned For Production

Positioned For Production takes a commonsense approach to the importance of spiritual growth for the Christian seeking to maximize their Kingdom relationship. Pastor Hammond shows how the principles of sowing and reaping can and will generate great dividends in your life, when properly applied.

Hope Held Hostage

Hope Held Hostage chronicles the adventures of four friends from different backgrounds who see the world through the eyes of eleven year old children looking for adventure around every corner. Known as "The God Quad" Jamal, Chaz, Lynn, and Fredo will wake up the adventurer in your child; while helping to develop a spirit of tolerance, inclusion, unity, and love.

"Hidden Gem"

I was searching for something that I did not understand. I've been involved in churches before. I was not looking for church, I was looking for God. I visited CBC World Ministry while on vacation and I was so glad that I did. The worship service was so uplifting. The sermon preached by Apostle Hammond spoke to all the questions in my mind. So thankful I found this hidden gem.

A. Gatewood

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